Under the conditions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexicans and American citizens may qualify for the an LMIA exemption when applying for a temporary work permit.

Who can apply?


Business Visitors

  • Must be visiting for research, design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, aftersales service and/or general service
  • Must not have an intent to enter the Canadian labour market
  • Your main place of business and payment must be outside Canada


  • Must be working in your field of qualification
  • Your job offer must match one of the eligible occupations
  • You must have pre-arranged
  • employment with a Canadian employer

Intra-Company Transferees

  • The job offer must be managerial, executive and/or require specialized knowledge
  • The requirements are to have been an employed with the same company for 1/3 years before the application
  • You must be transferred to work for same or an affiliated company

Trades & Investorss

  • More than 50% of trade must be between the home country and Canada
  • Substantial trade and investment needed
  • Investment in Canada to establish and manage an enterprise
  • The position must be supervisory, executive or essential skills

Countries with similar international agreements with Canada are:

Chile: CCFTA | Colombia: Canada–Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) | Perú: CPFTA | Costa Rica: CCRFTA

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