Why study in Canada?

  • To experience living in a welcoming, multi-cultural, and, beautiful country
  • You will live in a peaceful society that respects human rights, equality and is stable
  • Education in Canada is considered amongst the highest international standards for its quality institutions and standards of living
  • Most students will have the possibility to gain valuable work experience in Canada
  • Your spouse and children may be able to accompany you to Canada*

Who needs to get a study permit?

  • Students attending a program of six or more months in length
  • Students of a co-op or internship program

What do you need to apply for a study permit?

  • An acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution you will be attending
  • Proof you can pay your tuition and living expenses by providing financial statements
  • Some students may require police certificates, biometrics and a medical examination

    Can I work while I am studying?

    • If you are attending a Designated Learning Institution in an eligible program of study, you may work part-time during your studies and full-time while on school breaks

    How can I continue to work after graduating?

    • Eligible students can apply for the Post-Graduation work permit after graduating while they still have a valid study permit. Students must have not received a Post-Graduation work permit in the past.

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