An immigration consultant is a regulated and certified person by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, which is an authorized body by the government of Canada. Immigration consultants are legal experts and have knowledge about immigration laws and procedures for getting different types of visa and permits.

Generally, developed countries like Canada have strict and complicated immigration rules, therefore, the benefits of hiring an immigration consultant is to increase your chances for immigrating from one country to another through legal and documentation processes for visit, study, work or business purposes.

What does an immigration consultant do?

  1. Assess profiles to give your best options for immigration including different programs for both temporary and permanent residence.
  2. Provides advice and assistance for individual interests in immigrating to Canada.
  3. Aids companies to employ foreign workers operating in Canadian businesses and projects.
  4. Helping clients to prepare and submit immigration applications to ensure they are free of errors and have the proper supporting documents.
  5. Assist in arranging translation services and filling forms.
  6. Give advice on important deadlines for submission and communicate with the respective departments on your behalf to ensure any points of clarification.
  7. Communicate to Service Canada and Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada on behalf of the client to update your information during application process, since the Canadian immigration programs are in constant changes.
  8. Prepare clients for interviews with different types of visa officers because they are familiar with the types of questions asked.
  9. A consultant will monitor your status during your process and provide advise when visas are about to expire and guide you through a reapplication or extension process. If necessary.
  10. Provide advice when changes in Canadian immigration programs have a potential impact on workers and your business.

What do immigration consultants not do?

  1. An immigration consultant does not guarantee a positive decision because the results are approved by an officer of the Service Canada and/or Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.
  2. An immigration consultant cannot influence the governments decision making process. Applications submitted by lawyers or consultants do not receive special treatment.
  3. An immigration consultant cannot charge you based on a positive decision made or refund fees if an application is refused.

Why hire an immigration consultant?

Hiring a professional specialized in the field of immigration can help you save time and money as well as alleviate stress from navigating the complicated Canadian immigration system. It can help you avoid making mistakes in your forms and documents that otherwise could delay your process or result in a refusal. Refusals can make your path to immigration more complicated and difficult.

Hiring an immigration consultant could open your eyes to immigration programs that are better suited for you and that you could otherwise not know. Managing applications without understanding all the rules and regulations will risk your immigration record in Canada. On the other hand, with the appropriate resources and expertise of an immigration consultant will simplifying your immigration journey.